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HVAC Maintenance Plan in Russellville, AR and Surrounding Areas


2023 Annual Service Contract

$225.00* (plus tax)

We want to help keep your heating & air conditioning system working efficiently through our Annual Service Contract! Service contracts are like check-ups for your heat & air system! It’s kind of like having your vehicle serviced every 3000 miles or seeing your family doctor every year for a physical check-up! You want to find problem areas before they cost you a lot of inconveniences, time and/or money! It’s important to keep your unit clean and serviced so that it lasts for years and years to come. Regularly servicing your system not only adds life to your unit but also helps to keep it performing at maximum efficiency which saves you money on your utility bills!

The cost of this Service Contract is two regular service calls plus a discounted coil cleaning fee! Our typical service call rate is $135.00. With rising costs, (especially in fuel prices) rates are subject to change at any time, but if you have a Service Agreement Contract with us, your rate is locked in at the time of contract payment for the entire one-year contract period! (If there is more than one unit at the same address, they may be added to your contract at the rate of only $112.50 per additional unit.)

What our Annual Service Contract provides:

Two (2) Service Check-ups within the contract year. Generally, our customers like to have their systems cleaned and checked just before the Summer and Winter seasons begin. Any additional service calls needed throughout the contract year will be charged at the locked-in rate of $135.00 each (plus any additional mileage fees that may apply.)

10% Discount on any parts or freon you may need during the entire annual contract period.

Summer Check-up

  • Check freon levels
  • Clean outside unit
  • Check components & motors
  • Clean drain line
  • Check indoor unit & filter

Winter Check-up

  • Clean inside unit
  • Check heat strips/flame sensors
  • Check blower motor
  • Check filter

* Rates are based on residential units located in the Russellville area. Mileage fees may apply outside of this area. Contract expires December 31, 2023.